If you’d like to lose fat, build muscle mass and get in the best shape of your life as a vegan (or transitioning vegan) then this is the most important book you’ll read.

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-How To Calculate The Exact Amount Of Protein You Need To Build Muscle And Lose Body Fat – You probably need more than you think.

-How To Calculate The Exact Amount Of Calories You Need To Hit Your Goals – Access our internal calorie calculator that will tell you the exactly what you need

-You Need To Do Intermittent Fasting To Get Lean, Right? Wrong! Learn to get lean without ever doing intermittent fast.

-Learn The Exact Supplements You Need To Stay Healthy – And To Accelerate The Muscle Gain And Fat Loss Process

-How To Lose Body Fat And Get Shredded Without Doing A Minute Of Cardio

-Soy Will Feminize Men And Raise Estrogen Levels, Right? Wrong! Why Eating Soy Will Help You Build Muscle Mass And Get Lean

-My Favorite 24 Plant-Based Protein Sources – You’ll never find yourself confused about how to get enough protein

-17 Foods To Eat During A Fat Loss Phase To Minimize Hunger And Cravings – The same foods I eat to get lean for my bodybuilding shows

-How To Get Lean While Still Eating Carbs

-What To Say To People That Tell You “Vegans Can’t Build Muscle Mass.”

-Learn The Best Muscle Building Foods

-Why Eating Cereal Can Help You Gain Muscle Mass

-How I Consumed 230-250 grams Of Protein Per Day During My Bodybuilding Prep

-You Need 6-8 Meals Per Day To “Accelerate Your Metabolism,” Right? Wrong!

-How To Gain Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time?

-Is A Raw Vegan Diet A Good Idea To Lose Fat? See Page 15

-How To Read Nutrition Labels, Even If You’ve Never Been Able To Track In The Past

-How To Decide Whether You Need To Bulk Or Cut

-Have You Ever Lost Weight And Gained It Back? See Page 39 To Prevent That From Happening Ever Again

-Why You Should NEVER Do A Detox Or A Cleanse

-Ever Wondered If Artificial Sweeteners Are Safe? See Page 68

-Say Goodbye To Being Confused About Nutrition Again

-Why Eating Big Meals In The Evening Can Help You Get Even Leaner

-What To Do If You Want To Eat A Big Meal Without Wrecking Your Fat Loss

-When It’s Okay To Consume Diet Soda

-Can You Eat Cheat Meals And Stay On Track? See Page 68

-Why Apple Cider Vinegar Is Useless During Your Fat Loss Phase

-Exactly What To Say When Someone Tells You “Vegans Have Weaker Bones”

-Will You Gain Fat If You Eat In The Evening? See Page 67