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Online Vegan personal training

Hi there! I’m Julian Hierro, a professional vegan fitness coach for those who want to get in great shape.

I used to be that meathead guy who said “I’ll never go vegan,” that’s until my girlfriend (Eileen) showed me videos of how animals are treated in slaughterhouses.  I cried every time I watched the videos. 

It took a year for me to make the change, but as an animal lover I couldn’t stand seeing what happened to animals the animals and to our planet in order for me to have meat on my plate. 

That’s why in January 2020 I fully transitioned to veganism overnight. 

The result? I’ve gotten in the best shape of my life, we’ve won bodybuilding shows (as vegans). I’m stronger, healthier, faster, my body looks better, and I feel better because I know I’m not killing animals to feed myself. 

julian hierro CEO and founder of jackedvegans in playa del carmen
julian hierro CEO of jacked vegans in the pool on playa del carmen


And then Jacked Vegans was born, and now we’re on a mission to veganize the world, and to help vegans like YOU shred fat, build muscle, and get fit. 


My goal?  Help all vegans around the world get in the best shape of their life so we can draw more people into veganism. 

And we’re currently looking for vegans that want to shred fat, build muscle, tone up, and get fit.  

So if that’s you and you want to get in the best shape of your life, click on the button below and let’s talk about how your transformation will be. 

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