About Jacked Vegans

Hi there!  I’m Julian Hierro, a professional fitness coach for vegans who want to get in great shape.

Over the last few years I’ve helped more than 1000 vegans from all around the world get in the best shape of their lives by giving them custom made diet plans and personalized workout schedules that fit around their busy lifestyle.

I was once completely frustrated with my fitness.

Over 5 years of my life were wasted with bad training and bad nutrition.  I used to spend over 2 hours every day in the gym.  There was a period where I was even going twice a day, and my results still sucked!

I felt unhappy with my health and decided to take things more seriously.  

I became interested in the vegan lifestyle when I realized it has a low impact on our environment, and when I was confronted with the suffering that animals went through just to put food on our plates.  That’s when my journey to learning about good vegan food and the best fitness practices really took off.

It worked – I got into great shape and I’ve never felt better!  I’m stronger, healthier, faster, and my body looks A LOT better than before.

The best part is that I found a way to do it with minimal time investment, while eating a responsible vegan diet.

Several years later I had developed into an experienced independent vegan fitness coach and decided to start Jacked Vegans.

My goal?  Help other vegans feel comfortable with their body and lead healthier, happier lives.

I give a lot of free advice and resources out on my blog, but I also give personal coaching to vegans that are looking for some guidance towards getting their ideal body.

If that’s you, click on the button below and let’s talk about how I can help you!

Thanks for reading, and welcome to the Jacked Vegans website.

Julian Hierro Jacked Vegans
Julian Hierro Vegan fitness coach - Jacked Vegans