Baked sweet potato chips for vegan snacking

Vegan sweet potato chips recipe

Sweet potato chips are an amazing vegan snack full of flavor and nutrients.  With a sprinkle of salt and lime on top, you’ll have a hard time going back to regular store-bought chips! 

To make this a more filling snack, you can eat these with a healthy vegan dip, with traditional guacamole, or as a side with a main dish. The possibilities are endless when it comes to sweet potato chips!

Baked sweet potato chips

Prep time 30 mins    Serves 4    Calories N/A


2 medium sweet potatoes

1 tablespoon olive oil

½ teaspoon of salt

1 lime

How to prepare

1 – Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (205 Celsius)

2 – Scrub sweet potatoes, then slice them into 1/8 inch (3mm) slices using a knife or food slicer.

3 – Spread potato slices in a single layer over two baking sheets and drizzle them with olive oil on both sides.

4 – Place both backing sheets in the middle or lower racks of the oven.  Bake for 25 minutes, flipping chips over half-way through.  Edges of potato chips should be crispy when done.

5 – Serve with salt and a squirt of lime to taste.

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